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My Testimonials

  • My New Years resolution was to stop crash dieting and find a healthier, permanent weight loss solution. Matt has been great in helping me on the path to this, he's educated me about healthy eating habits that are realistic. Being able to do the sessions from home is perfect for me and Matt is always supportive! Although the first session was tough, a few short weeks later I found I could do the same circuit much more easily! Matt is great at working around my social and work diary and so in six weeks I've lost 21lbs and 6 inches! Thanks Matt!

    Alice, Shrewsbury

  • I highly recommend Matt’s personal training services. My training started with Matt about 3 months ago, after I’d lost about two thirds of the weight I wanted to drop and had managed to embed some form of regular exercise into my routine. I was looking for a way to help me level-up on the nutrition side and for someone to push me a lot harder in my training in order to get my strength up and to drop that last bit of weight. Well, my expectations have been well and truly exceeded. Since Matt got involved I have:
    • - Passed my weight goal. I now weigh the same as I did when I got married 16 years ago.
    • - Become the strongest I've ever been
    • - Ran a 10k without requiring an ambulance at the end of it.
    • - Revolutionised my diet.
    • - The beginnings of a six pack! Which speaking as an ex sausage roll eating, beer swilling 43 year old man with a paunch, this is no mean feat.
    I particularly like Matt’s pragmatic ‘woo’-free stance on nutrition with its balanced approach and a focus on long term sustainability; this is now deeply embedded into me and my appetite has been re-trained to crave whole foods, especially fresh veg. One word of caution, though. If you do decide to work with Matt, you will need to budget for a new wardrobe as before you know it none of your clothes will fit.

    Darren, Wem

  • We found out about Matt online after scouring the internet for a local trainer after deciding we wanted to get fitter before we got married this year. We initially signed up for a 6 week program but then our circumstances changed and we had to move out the area so we thought we'd have a nightmare trying to fit 6 sessions in 3 weeks but Matt was very understanding and flexible to meet our needs. The first session was a killer after years of not exercising but Matt assured us that as long as we followed the exercise and diet plan things would get easier and they did. Fast forward to session 6 and the circuit that we had completed (and nearly collapsed!) at session 1 was a mere warm up. With a mixture of weights and cardio, we found our everyday tasks a lot easier and even ventured out for the odd long walk. Matt was always a text, email or call away answering any nutritional question or just to catch up during the week. 3 weeks later and 16 inches lost between us we are very happy :-)

    Gareth & Sam, Newport

  • Since giving birth to my second child 2 years ago, I came to realise I was now just Mummy. I'd completely lost who I was and hadn't given myself any time or chance to get that back. I also notice, that in the house there were no recent photos of me at all. I tend to delete them as thought I just looked awful! So. Time to change all that. I entered a facebook competition to win a personal training course with Matt, and I won! The sessions were fun, challenging and diverse. Since finishing that first course, I've had another 6 sessions and absolutely love it. It's helped me get out of the house and be myself again. I feel more confident, healthy, energetic and as a plus , I'm losing inches. Matt is great at what he does, coming up with fresh ideas, nutritional advice and I laugh throughout each session. Can highly recommend!

    Harriet, Shrewsbury

  • I started my journey six weeks ago, my main objective is to loose two and a half stone, and to tone up, with Matt's help, I have lost one and a half already, and two inches off my waist. Matt has educated me about my body, and eating habits, and shown me how to get the best out of my training sessions, and it has all been done from my own home. I really could not have got to where I am today without matt's help, and I am sure that my objectives are fully achievable with Matt to guide me along the way, so thanks Matt for all you're help.

    Damien, Shrewsbury

  • The thought of turning 50 and still being 'cuddly' and 'round' horrified me. I had always hated the gym and had no inclination to join a fitness class after work with the real 'gym bunnies.' After scouring the internet for a solution, I found Matt's website. A friend and I signed up for 6 weeks and thought the nightmare would begin. In fact after a while we came to thoroughly enjoy the exercise, especially myself after a hard day's work teaching 11 - 16 year olds! Matt's factual knowledge is excellent and his motivational skills are definitely what is needed. I even enjoy the tenuous links in his daily emails - keeping me focused on my goal. Unfortunately I'm still nearing 50, but now definitely not what I would call 'cuddly' or 'round.' Matt has certainly helped me on my journey to becoming a more fitter, healthier and confident person.

    Louisa, Shrewsbury

  • I have been training with Matt for several months and have achieved steady weight loss and a much healthier attitude to exercise. I need to lose 4 stone, and I'm now over a quarter of the way to my goal; I was 15st 1Ib and am now 13st 10Ibs! However I've also learnt that body measurements can mean more than body weight because your weight fluctuates, and I have lost a total of 8 inches off all my wobbly bits :-) Matt makes it easy to work out at home, and he's even had my two young boys joining in! Although it wasn't ideal, he made it fun! Thanks Matt you have changed the way I think about diet and what I'm capable of without overdoing things. Thanks so much for your support!

    Charlotte, Much Wenlock

  • After bumping into a friend I hadn't seen for a while I was amazed to see how fab she looked.I asked her what her secret was and she said she had a personal trainer..I loved the idea as I have two children and going to the gym wasn't really an option. I got in touch with Matt who was super helpful and worked around my lifestyle and my needs. I just wanted to tone up and feel fit again and in just six weeks I did! I also strengthened my shoulder that had troubled me with tendinitis for a few years and had restricted my choice of exercises. In such a short space of time I feel I achieved my goal of toning up and feeling fitter and stronger..and losing two inches from my waist and an inch from my hips! I'm looking forward to training again with Matt to maintain what I've achieved..! Thanks Matt :)"

    Kat, Shrewsbury

  • After visiting gyms and crash dieting for a number of years I decided to take the plunge and invest in a personal trainer. I contacted inspiring fitness with the hope of finding someone very close to home. I was readily contacted by a lovely guy called Matt Davies who arranged to meet me at a mutually convenient coffee shop where we chatted about diet and goals. Matt is very friendly and approachable. He pushes you through encouragement and knowledge in a way that makes sense. We started the training with the weather not at its best but Matt was very flexible with working inside or out whether that be at home or in a local park. The encouragement didn't stop with the actual exercise, it continued with emails on how to deal with worked muscles and diet tips. Although my diet has always been pretty good, I now know how to stay full longer by eating the right things between meals. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Matt and am extremely happy with the results...a total of 8inches lost in 6wks!

    Sally, Shrewsbury

  • After a decade of almost complete abstention from exercise, I decided that I really needed to change my habits. I wanted to enjoy exercise; I also knew I needed motivation. (Several wasted gym memberships were testament to my originality in finding excuses!) I was also rather embarrassed at my lack of fitness and the thought of wearing Lycra in front of a bunch of strangers sent me into a cold sweat. Then I found Matt and he made me feel comfortable and capable. The fact that he comes to my home means that I can't really make excuses; it also means I just dedicate the session times and waste no time travelling - important if you're a busy person. Plus the whole issue of self confidence is negated. Over time he has steadily built my confidence and ability. Ok, so the next day I feel older than my years as I gently ease my muscles into walking again, but I can finally say actually I enjoy exercise! And this is down to Matt's humour, dedication and knowledge as he combines mini nutritional lectures with inventive exercise routines that keep me both entertained and fitter than before: fabulous!

    Lisa W, Shrewsbury

  • Working with Matt has been great, and the weekly sessions and regular measurements helps keep me on track. The exercises we do in sessions are based around workouts I can do both at home, and while staying away in hotels, with no equipment! I managed to lose 4 inches off my waist and hips, with sessions left in the package!

    Dave, Ruyton

  • I have been training with Matt at least once a week for the past 7 months and have noticed significant improvements in my posture, strength and fitness resulting in less back ache and pains following days sat in the car or at a PC. He is a personable, fun guy committed to ensuring I get the most out of the time I have to train. He has been very reliable and punctual and hasn't let me down. He made a conscious effort to get to know my personal goals, levels, likes and dislikes; has been very flexible swapping between training in the park or alternatively in my garage depending on the days weather. I'm amazed at how varied he makes each session and how willing he is to share his own knowledge and expertise. As I regularly work away from home, he continually offers me guidance on how to optimise my training opportunities when he isn't around to get the results I need. I have no hesitation recommending Matt, whatever your fitness level, whether you are new to exercise or a regular that just needs an extra push.

    Lisa J, Shrewsbury

  • As an already active person I wanted someone who would be able to add to my exercise program and give extra diet tips to aid weight loss for my wedding. Matt was able to work with me towards my goal whilst considering knee and back problems and asthma. He is flexible, approachable and very passionate about his job. As a result I felt great on my wedding day.

    Lesley, Shrewsbury

  • I've been training with Matt for over a year a now, and his enthusiasm and help in setting targets has been brilliant! He constantly encourages me, and importantly, never tells me off! Matt's whole attitude to push me to achieve in both diet and exercise has been great, and I have no suggestions to improve Matt's first class service!

    Lisa G, Shrewsbury

  • My whole experience with Matt has been very positive! I was expecting the sessions to be repetitive, but since I have started, each session is different, keeping me on my toes! I have lost 2 inches off my waist and hips in my first 4 weeks of the package!

    Ranji, Telford

  • I have joined many gyms in the past, only to have wasted a lot of money, after loosing interest and the will to go on a regular basis. It sounds a little extravagant to have a personal trainer, but I can confirm your money is well spent and the results are so much more rewarding. Inspiring Fitness, which I saw advertised in a local paper, is how fitness should be done, you can choose your time and place. With Matt, being on a one to one basis, you feel you want to do this fitness and you don't keep looking at the watch, thinking how long have I been in this gym. You really do want to work hard, and try and improve each week week which I know I have done, (as it is for your own self, you are doing this for the other people in the gym!). And to cap it all, it is enjoyable, as you can discuss with Matt, how you are feeling, what your weaknesses and strengths are. My main objective was to get fit, as my job involves a lot of sitting, and during the winter months I do not do enough and tend to feel sluggish. So with Matt I am now feeling so much better and at my age (over 50!) it is just great to feel so much more agile. And on top of all that Matt will email you with exercises to do at home and help you with any nutritional advice.

    Jean, Shrewsbury

  • A busy work schedule and years of neglect meant that my activity levels were very low. Despite all that, Matt was able to produce a program that works for me. There has been a marked difference in my energy levels, and have been losing weight, not to mention the overall sense of wellbeing. Matt is reliable and professional and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

    Tomasz, Shrewsbury

  • I made contact with Matt to organise a bespoke program around my personal objectives, plus fitting the schedule around a hectic work and family life. Matt achieved what I was aiming for and is giving me a platform to plan a healthier lifestyle, as at 50, I was becoming sedentary. Matt trains me and my partner at home, as gyms are not the place for us, and is positive in the support to reach our goals.

    Paul, Shrewsbury

  • Gyms were not for me, I needed motivation and it proved to be the correct choice. I have got fitter, slimmer and stronger over a short period of time and have enjoyed every minute. This has encouraged me to improve further, and continue my excellent training with Matt.

    Tracey, West Felton